Most of my photographs deal with the travel experience and my response to place. It’s history, culture, politics, art and design. I like to think, that for the artist, there is no preferred subject matter. Everything is a possible subject. The key is to remain open, receptive, with no preconceived ideas. I like the Lisette Model quote: “You are the subject, life is the object. It’s your own response to what’s happening in front of you or around you that you’re actually photographing.” The art of photography is simply about expressing yourself regarding what you see and feel. My photographs are rather varied, some are about the act of seeing, some are studies of form or the other graphic elements. But organizing the frame is of utmost importance. I think of this as the geometry of the camera. But regardless of the actual subject matter, the photographs are usually about self and place, about being human, and the beauty and horror that we experience.


“Photography keeps my eyes, mind and heart open….The photographs are a way of honoring my subjects.“

-Linda Connor

“Art is not a pastime but a priesthood.“

-Jean Cocteau

“A man climbs a mountain, because it is there.
A man makes a work of art, because it is not there.“

-Carl Andre



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